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Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair

The Cozy Sack has been America's favorite large bean bag chair for over 20 years satisfying thousands of now comfortable customers with our Cozy Sacks and large bean bag chairs and foam furniture. Our large bean bag chair is perfect for everything from a small apartment, dorm room, or family areas with only enough room for a comfortable sack style chair. Our Cozy Sack large bean bag chair is the perfect addition to a family home looking to add some modern fun and futuristic sack furniture, and can comfortably seat one to four happy people in our micro suede large bean bag chair...Part of the reason our cozy sack bean bag style chairs are so much better than the chair and sack is because by using our special COZY FOAM technology, the Cozy Sack large bean bag chair conforms to your unique body shape and fits you perfectly because our large big bean bag chair is filled with Space Aged foam and not messy old beans... then when you get out, unlike a regular bean filled chair... it pops right back into shape and is ready to serve its next guest comfortably.

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Read what customers are saying about their Cozy Sacks

WOW... The Cozy Sack bean bag chair is a big hit with the kids... they just love it... and I love the fact that they stop moving my recliners around the room... the navy color is perfect... I love my new cozy sack. Better than a chair!

I LOVE my Cozy Sack bean bag chair... In fact, I don't even sit on my couch anymore! It is true... It is the ultimate sack and large bean bag like sack available. I searched everywhere else and the chairs were not available in the size and color I wanted... This is definitely the most cozy sack available!

I bought a cozy sack large bean bag from your company in December and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with this awesome sack style chair! Everyone always fights over it because it's the "best seat in the house!" Thank you so much. I love my new bean bag chair! :-)